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Regular Expression Laboratory  v.1.05

RXL is an assistant simple to use tool to help you learn and prepare regular expressions. If you are a developer or just concerned with text processing tasks, the Regular Expression Laboratory is a tool that you need.

Assembler Laboratory  v.rc

Assembler Laboratory (ALab) is an assembler IDE.At this moment it resembles a target for an archeological

Halftone Laboratory  v.0.14

Use, study and develop advanced digital halftoning algorithms with Halftone Laboratory, a GIMP plug-in backed by a highly modular and extensible library. It uses .NET/Mono and

LCSIM - Laboratory Circuit Simulator  v.0.1

Laboratory Circuit Simulator is transient simulator whiht analog and digital components support for laboratory classes. This support spice netlist files, DSP Tms320f243 DSPemu integration and has high customizable device modules development in

Online virtual laboratory of electricity  v.1.0

The virtual laboratory allows for the creation of direct and alternating current circuits on the connection board using cables, resistances, capacitors and inductors, and the measurement of voltage, intensity, and

Python Laboratory Operations Toolkit  v.323.20110407

A toolkit of Python software useful in a laboratory data acquisition and analysis environment. Includes support for such protocols as VXI-11, Vernier LabPro, and National Instruments DSTP. Also includes data analysis and modelling

Science Laboratory Database  v.beta

Built using PHP and MySql, the ULabs laboratory database is designed for universities having science labs which accept student involvement. The goal is to increase students participation in research

College Laboratory Integration  v.1.0

CLIM is a College Laboratory Integration & Management. Desktop & web interface to manage all resource ( like file shares,installer,souce code, final project student, tutorial collection, etc) in a multi platform OS and multiplatform DB

Virtual machinery laboratory  v.1.0

virtual laboratory for training machinery staff, mechanical engineers, trainees & employees of production plants in oil and gas fields. using UML diagrams, cpp simulation engine, X3D/VRML for 3D scene and linux shell script for file system tasks.

Pathology Laboratory  v.1.0

Pathology Laboratory is a software project for software engineering course in university of isfahan. It started in 2007 for software engineering 1 and continued in 2008 for software engineering 2. It has a lot of Farsi (Persian) documentation.

Computer Science Laboratory manuals  v.1.0

Computer Engineering Laboratory manualsData structures Lab in C in LinuxDatabase labin OracleNetwork Programming lab in C in LinuxComputer Graphics Lab in C in XWindow System, OpenGL

Laboratory for Genome Bioinformatics  v.1.0

Code repository for the Laboratory for Genome Bioinformatics at Texas A&M. The LGB project was initiated primarily to support biologists at Texas A&M needing help with bioinformatics in order to use new genomic technologies.

OpenELIS- Laboratory Information System  v.1.0

OpenELIS is a robust Enterprise Laboratory Information System built around an extensible and scalable framework.

FingerLab - Fingerprint Laboratory  v.1.0

Fingerprint Laboratory - a portable and layered package of libraries and tools for academic research and productive use that allows people to easily integrate Automatic Fingerprint Recognition technology into their software or system with little ...

Virtual Laboratory for sync machines  v.1.0

Development of Virtual Laboratory for synchronous machine connected to grid.

LAS Laboratory Administration System  v.1.0

The Laboratory Administration System (implemented in VB.NET) allows you to start clients (via Wake-On-Lan), run programs, stop these programs, shutdown clients from one workplace. It was designed for exp econ labs, but may be of use for others as well.

Real Time Controls Laboratory  v.b0.7.1

RTiC-Lab is a semi-detached, open source software designed to run on both Linux and RTLinux. It is an easy to use controls prototyping tool for hard real time applications. Users get real time access to controller parameters and data through a

Virtual Laboratory Environment  v.1.0.2

VLE is a multi-modeling and simulation environment to study complex dynamic systems. VLE is based on the discrete event specification DEVS. and it implements the DSDE formalism (A merge of Dynamic Structure DEVS, DSDEVS, with Parallel DEVS, PDEVS).

Web based electronic laboratory  v.201002

Virtual electronic circuit simulation with JAVA based schematic entry and wave viewer, based on (Berkeley) SPICE, for any OS/Server/Browser configuration.Due to missing public feedback for over one year its status is set to INACTIVE (1/2004) -

Bokeh Laboratory  v.1.0

Rendering of advanced camera lens effects such as depth of field, bokeh and tilt-shift, including an interactive preview.

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